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The four misunderstanding for skin protection in summer

Many people seem to pay more attention to oil control and sunscreen in summer and ignore moisture. In fact, the lack of moisturizing steps will reduce the effect of oil control and sunscreen. To maintain good skin in summer, please remember the following four errors:

Misunderstanding 1: Using more toner is equal to moisturizing.

Skin needs a strong barrier to lock moisture. In the summer, many people think that they use too much make-up, so they think only using toner is enough and they don’t need additional products. However, after skin use toner, because there is no barrier to lock moisture, moisture will evaporate, so only using toner is not enough.

The correct operation method is that you should use fresh cream at least after using toner to protect the skin and keep moisture. Even you can only use light cream that lock moisture to help skin keep moisture.

Misunderstanding 2: Using too much skin care products is not good for skin, so we had better not use them.

It is very hot in summer, a lot of skin care products’ texture is heavy. After using the products make skin easy to break out and make skin not clear. At this time, do not rush to give up skin care products. You can use some light texture mile shaped moisturizing cream that is special for summer use. On the one hand, it can help skin escape from the thick skin feeling. On the other hand, it more effectively lock moisture, and let skin in a better state.

Misunderstanding 3: Moisture and oil control has nothing to do with sunscreen.

Only keeping balance of skin water and oil secretion can the skin have a good state. If the facial skin moisture is too much or oil is too much, in order to balance the amount of both in the skin, the large proportion will expel the small proportion from the body. For example, if your skin is dry, skin will secrete oil to ensure the balance of internal water and oil. From this point , moisture and oil control are inseparable.

Misunderstanding 4: Moisturizing mask should do every day in summer.

Functional mask had better not deposit every day, but the pure moisturizing mask does not affect skin. Just like you need to drink water, the skin also need to drink water. Skin will show a good state if you add adequate moisture every day.