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Marathon professional training

Generally, people may be able to run up to 25-32 km in the absence of training. The marathon is 42.195 kilometers. So before marathon, you should do related training, so as to smoothly finish the whole process. In general, Marathon professional training starts with three aspects:

Marathon professional training start with three aspects:

Build the basic endurance

The most effective way to enhance basic endurance is at low intensity (60-70% of the highest heart rate) to conduct a sustained long run. At the beginning of training, you can run 5-10 minutes, and do not mind whether you maintain a long time, because endurance is accumulated step by step. Endurance will be gradually established with weekly run volume increase. Marathon runners generally run more than 100 kilometers per week, or even more. The average person spends long time on training to reach this milestone, or it is easy to lead to injury. We suggest that the weekly mileage increase should not exceed 10%.

The main source of energy for a marathon runner is stored in the muscle, liver glycogen and fat. Because the energy conversion efficiency of glycogen is higher than fat. The burning process is short and will soon provide power, but the amount of storage is relatively small, so the time when using glycogen as energy to keep movement is short. On the contrary, the same amount fat provides more than glycogen, but the burning is slower. Storage of fat is more than glycogen, so it can maintain a longer period of time.

At any time, body will use glycogen and fat as a source of energy. However. in different exercise intensity, the use ratio will be different. Exercise intensity is larger (run faster), the body will tend to use more glycogen, so the maintenance time will be shorter. If we want to run longer and longer, we should increase the efficiency of converting fat into energy through long distance running.

Improve running efficiency

Long distance running training can make the performance of the running action progress. In the plan of Marathon training, we can join rhythm running training. It is probably more than 10 kilometers at a slightly slower speed, and heart rate is maintained at 80-90%. You may feel a little strenuous, but still can say short sentences and the maintenance time is about 20-30 minutes. Intermittent training is to train the body to maintain a faster pace. Because it can’t be maintained for a long time, we will jogging sometimes when we feel tired. Each running distance is about 200-600 meters, the number of times may not be fixed which depend on different physical ability.

In addition to the running training, we can improve running efficiency by practicing the special decomposition action and strengthening the core muscles. Decomposition of action such as leg run, run after folding, on the one hand can be used to train the main muscle groups used for running, on the other hand, it can increase the efficiency of running action, and use less energy to run faster and longer.

Enhance muscle strength

The more solid the core muscles are, the less the body will swing, and the more energy it uses to run to forward. The leg muscle strength better, protection of the joint will be higher, in addition to every step of the distance will be more bigger. We can run through uphill and some short distance (100-200 meters) fast running to strengthen muscles group.

If beginners want to complete marathon, it is best to train 8-10 months. Training in the early days establishes a running habit as the main purpose. As time goes by, distance can increase at the speed of no more than 10%. After the body has a certain basis, rhythm running, intermittent running and muscle strength training can be added into the training.

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