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How to let skin become tender?

Every woman wants to make their skin tender, but there are many women whose skin is not healthy. Especially in the summer, endocrine disorders and other physical factors make skin full of oil, and also easy to get pimples.

Eat more fruit.

Each fruit contains a lot of water and vitamins which can effectively make everyone’s skin become more tender and shiny.

Different physique eat different ingredients.

Women need to add their own ingredients in the soup according to their actual situation. If you are anemia, you can drink the soup with red dates, brown sugar which is good for body and the maintenance of skin and has a lot of benefits.


If there are more facial cuticle, it will affect the normal metabolism of skin and the skin care products that you apply on your face will not enter your skin, so that skin can’t keep your skin in good condition.

Using facial mask

The most basic facial mask is the replenishment type. The pores will be in an open state after a bath every evening. If you use facial mask at this time, the essence of the mask will enter into pores which plays a better role of skin care and make skin more tender.

Reasonable sleep

Some people can’t sleep at night. In this case, I suggest that you can listen to some soothing music before go to bed. These music can help you adjust mood, and set down your impetuous heart, which can promote your sleep. In addition to using this method, you can do some exercise before go to bed. For example, deep squat. This will be able to consume your excess energy, and give you a feeling of fatigue, which will help you sleep. So you can have a try.