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The misunderstanding of skin care in summer

What mistakes are you easy to make in skin care in summer?

Erroneous zone:

Because of hot, many people will wash their face frequently. In fact, excessive cleaning will hurt skin. Generally speaking, two times a day is OK. You can clean your face seriously at night.

Oily skin is a very annoying thing in summer. However, in addition to oil control, water replenishing is equally important. Don’t just control oil. More skin moisture can effectively play the effect of oil control.

Exfoliator is very important. But if you frequently do it, it will damage to skin surface. Exfoliator once a week on average is OK.

Facial cleanser and cleansing water are different. Do not think that a bottle of facial cleanser can both cleansing and makeup. You should use a professional cleansing products to clean skin residues.

Use too many facial masks. We all know that mask can hydrate your skin. A lot of people think that the more the better. In fact, it isn’t the case. Generally speaking, two times a week, or three or four days one time is OK.

Sunscreen must be done. Sunscreen must be done whether there is sun, because sunscreen is not against the sun, it’s against UV damage to the skin. Sunscreen is not only for the sake of whitening, but also for health.

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