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How to exercise 8 blocks of abdominal muscle

Exercise the upper abdomen:

Lie down, with hands clinging to the head, bend down your knees to 90 degree. Contract shoulder, abdominal force to lift the upper body to close to thigh. But do not close to thigh, leaving a certain distance. And then return to the starting point, but ensure the muscle tension, and get up quickly.

Tips: From the beginning to the end, you should maintain muscle tension, until exhausted. 3 to 5 groups per day, and each group do 30-50. Finish one group and rest 1 minute. Do muscle exercise every two days.

Exercise the lower abdomen:

This is the seventh block and eighth block position which is difficult to get. Specific methods: lie down, with both arms naturally behind hips. Put her legs together and raise up to 80 to 70 degree. And then down to close to ground, but don’t put it on the ground. In order to maintain the lower abdomen tension, repeat the above action. 3 to 5 groups per day, and each group do 20-30. Do the movements every two days according to physical condition and the effect will be better.

At the same time, please pay attention to diet, and don’t eat or drink too much. You should be in accordance with normal diet. Keep exercising after appear abdominal muscle, otherwise, waist fat will be more. In accordance with their own physical condition, don’t be excessive exercise to avoid muscle strain.

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