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Five misunderstandings of body building

Nowadays, more and more people like body building. On the one hand, it is good for their own health, on the other hand , they hope that they can wear their favorite clothes, and show their good shape. However, it is easy for us to go into the wrong direction sometimes.

1. Traditional sit-up

Traditional sit-up make back from the ground to enhance the back pressure. For modern people who are used to sedentary lifestyle will only increase the back discomfort.

Correction method: Train abdominal muscles. Select back with support or auxiliary facilities can be more effective in training abdominal muscles.

2. Pulley is pulled down to back of neck and shoulder neck to press.

It does not have this kind of movement in our daily life. On the one hand, there is no need to training. On the other hand, the muscle activity of the body inertia does not contain the neck. That is to say, the process of force in our daily life does not allow the muscle to form this kind of action, and doesn’t put too much pressure on rotating muscle group and the shoulders.

Correction method: Pulley is pulled down to chest to achieve the purpose of training.

3. Full squat training

The human body squat to the knee joint that is less than 90 degrees, which will cause additional pressure on the knee. If you add more weight, back will bear too much burden.

Correction method: Control resistance, training speed and frequency. Stimulation training on muscle that is more than 90 degrees is quite enough.

4. Too much aerobic training

After the intensity of aerobic training, it will lead to physical excessive consumption. If you continue to do resistance training, the effect will not be ideal. It not only reduces the basal metabolism but also causes the joint lacking muscle protection.
Correction method: Aerobic training can be dispersed in different days. Aerobic training will take protein (muscle) as energy, so you should do enough resistance training to maintain the protection of the muscles on the body and basic metabolism.

5. Too much equipment resistance training

Only use equipment to carry out the resistance training, which can not let the small muscle group which is needed in our daily life receive enough stimulation.
Correction method: Training without equipment support make muscle more in line with the actual needs of life, or use low stability equipment such as resistance ball, dumbbell to do with training.

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