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Errors that often made by novice when they do bodybuilding

Body building has become a trend. Regardless of men or women, a lot of people are keen to build a perfect body. Body building on the one hand can shape the body, but also reduce the pressure. For the novice, what mistake are they easy to make?

1. Local sculpture movement
First of all, it should be noted that fat does not disappear or is consumed.
Correction method: To make the hips or body parts more slim, it should be with a more comprehensive movement which include aerobic, resistance, support and a variety of training.

2. Swing training
Swing or bounce will lead to muscle shrink to self protection because of sudden excessive stretch. Activity can promote body’s blood circulation, but it can not help other muscles.
Correction method: Use muscle to control body movements and the resistance conditions to achieve the stimulation of muscle and then make muscle growth.

3. Copy training
Each person’s body is an independent precision instrument. If you copy others training mode, it may bring harm to the body.
Correction method: Consult a professional doctor or a sports coach to know your own physical characteristics and then carry out effective safety training.

4. Walking
Walking can make physical activity, but the activity that is no purpose or need will only make ourselves think that we are doing activities and need to take more calories.
Correction method: When you are walking or climbing, you should set the number of steps, distance, and consumption of Kaluri. Let the movement has the goal and difficulty to achieve the movement effect.

5. Shoulder training
Nowadays, people work under pressure, and use more computer which lead to excessive strain on the shoulders. If you deliberately do training, it will increase the pressure on the shoulders.
Correction method: Many upper body exercises need use shoulder and neck muscles. If there is no special needs, it doesn’t need deliberate practice. It needs enough relaxation and stretch.

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