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How to protect your eyes?

Eyes are a pair of visual organs that help us watch and feel the beauty of the world. Now that god give us the window to soul, we must protect and cherish it. With more and more developed high-tech electronic products appear, our eyes are also suffering from serious damage. How can we protect our eyes? Learn a few skills from me!

  1. Food balance
    There is a certain relationship between the eye’s self protection and the food we eat. For example: if our eyes are lightly blur, we can intake appropriate food to improve our sight, such as carrots, spinach, broccoli, and medlar, etc. They contain vitamin C, and vitamin A which can effectively improve the free radicals that cause damage to the eyes.
  2. Appropriate light
    Light is one of the reasons that damages our eyes. When we are reading, it is not good for us to read under sun or in dark room. These places will cause us eye strain and make our eyesight poor. Please take good care of our eyes and read in appropriate light place.
  3. Damage caused by electronic products
    The social develops too fast and electronic products update too fast. No matter where we are, we will carry electronic goods, and the products will cause radiation damage, such as computer, mobile phone, tablet and so on. We shouldn’t play computer for a long time. We should look up somewhere else or get up and walk around to the window to see the distance every 1 or 2 hours.
  4. Eye movement method
    Eye movement method can relax our eyes and control the development of myopia. Often eye blink method can speed up blood circulation. As long as do 2~3 time, it can reduce fatigue. Look around and look your hands and so on, repeatedly do these movements can reduce fatigue, and achieve the effect of protection eyes.
  5. Sitting posture
    Don’t bent or prostrate when you play your phone, read or write, which are easy to make eyes tired. If your eyes are often tired, you are more likely to myopia. We should leave the book about 1 (33 cm) feet when reading.
  6. See more green plants
    Our eyes love to look at the color, and the most comfortable color is green. Green plants and flowers can make our eyes relaxed and can correct myopia slightly.
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